Wilfred Ludovic is the ever faithful gentleman usher of the Colisande family, loyal to whichever Colisande is count or countess. He currently serves current count and countess, Gelasia and Philemeon Colisande . 

Wilfred Ludovic


Gentleman Usher to Philemon Colisande







Appearance Edit

Tall and lanky. Neatly combed short charcoal hair and clean shaven. Almond shaped eyes, a pointed chin, nose and thin lips. Hawkish features. A deeply lined face, tanned. 


Sharply dressed, but not in such clothes that look better than that of his lord’s  - no, that would just be scandalous.


Serious and orderly, but not pretentious or arrogant. Doesn’t tolerate reckless or self-destructive behaviour, hates chaos and disorder. Don’t expect him to share jokes, but this is not to say he is grumbly – he either doesn’t understand them, or does not find them funny. Self-controlled in manner and speech, he keeps himself hidden – not because of the environment he grew up in, but because he’s simply a private man. Impatient, he doesn’t like waiting for other or making them wait for him – but he’ll do well to hide his disapproval. Wilfred believes that people should have to learn from their mistakes, and be punished where necessary. For generations, his family have served the Colisande family, and he intends for this to continue.


Administrative, he knows the ins and outs of the workings of a court. Resourceful, realistic, pragmatic. 


Servanthood and stewardship always held weight with the Ludovics. For generations the servant-family have remained under the household of the Colisandes as gentlemen of the privy chamber, private secretaries of the household, or ladies of the privy chamber - always by their masters' side. Whether or not the families have formed a close and warm relationship, the Ludovics will continue to serve. Due to their years of service, the family are the most trusted servants of the Colisande household. While they are not noble themselves, they have some administrative power over the other servants, ranked only beneath the chamberlain and Lord Steward. Wilfred was oldest of eight, and the job of administrating servants and serving the count and countess fell to him. His remaining siblings also served in the Colisande household, and went to serve the Colisande children in their estates once they moved from the castle with their newly established family. He married Catherine Calloway in his late teens, and between them they had three children. From oldest to youngest: Evangeline, Paul and Gilroy. They are aged 28, 27 and 21 respectively. While Evangeline has gone to become a government official by serving within the city watch, and Gilroy a clergyman of the church, Paul has remained within the household as a footman. 

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