Vilisit image

A legendary Altmeri Mirror Logician, Villisyne was a major combatant in the Thalmor-Beautiful War of the first decade of the 4E on the "Beautiful" side. Villisyne has been missing ever since, apparently wandering Tamriel on some personal quest of discovery. Villisyne's iconoclastic tracts on magicka and its practice have proven revolutionary and there are many, particularly among The Society, who have based much of their new approach to magic on Villisyne's lifeworks, who consider Villisyne the single most brilliant and important mage alive today.

Rumours of the infamous mage's return to the world of arcane academia spread like wildfire in the later half of 4E 28 - it is said that The Society have finally, after nearly two decades of failed attempts, managed to tempt Villisyne to end his travels and rejoin the magical community he had forsworn - as a member of their organisation.

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