One of the more remarkable of the Bretic knightly cycles, the so-called Chants of Thagore recount the life and deeds of the eponymous first king of Daggerfall, King Thagore (crowned 1E 609; opening date of the Annals of Daggerfall). While the cycle has grown over time to encompass various (and oftentimes conflicting) regional tales and legends, the following overview covers only the oldest, ‘core’ chants, concerned with Thagore’s ascent to kingship, in which they follow the archetypal Bretic narrative of a wandering knight on the quest for great power - whether worldly or mystical.

Historical Background Edit

Summary Edit

The Chants of Thagore Sheorsbane Edit

The Chants of Thagore the Steward Edit

The Chants of Thagore the King Edit

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