Teague Wickhouse is Cammish Freerider's daughter, and the trusted agent of Luciana Raze.

Teague Wickhouse




20 (born 4E 8)





Family Magda Wickhouse (mother)


Wiry of build with dark curly hair usually fastened in a decorative bun. Old beyond her years and lightly scarred, she is able to cut a fairly intimidating figure if needed. Most often she cultivates an expression of stoic attentiveness.


Lady Luciana relies on Miss Wickhouse for a great many functions; messenger, bodyguard, enforcer, emissary. She is not a student of politics, but is a problem-solver of the first degree, identifying and addressing any obstacle to her patron's plans. She can fight well enough, and knows how to navigate the complex social networks both of urban Camlorn and the open country.


Miss Wickhouse likes to dress quite well, but over everything she wears her traditional sheepskin Rider's coat, and a pair of the finest leather boots. She carries a far finer sword than most of her station, a gift from her employer.


Teague's mother is Magda of Letham, a prominent Freerider from the hills in the north of the Archduchy, who married Theodore Raze after Teague's father died. Theodore died childless and Magda did not marry a third time. Lady Raze felt the alliance her brother had secured was worth keeping, and so offered to take on the ambitious girl as a retainer. She found Miss Wickhouse to be more capable and versatile than expected, however, and soon enough the Freerider's daughter was Luciana's right hand.

Character Summary:Edit

Ambitious, driven, capable, and just a little unscrupulous. Miss Wickhouse is grateful to her patron and loyal because of it. If the Duchess needs a job done, Teague Wickhouse rolls up her sleeves.

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