S'Zulana is a 27 year old Khajiit woman, an ABS and lookout on the St. Alessia's. She was born under the sign of the Steed. She is married to Auresha Storm-Singer.


This album includes the appearances of my two SatM characters. 


S'Zulana is a well-trained soldier, skilled in the use of a hand crossbow, and a shortsword with a shield. She can also make simple potions and poisons with the correct alchemical apparatus. S'Zulana is quite nimble and quick.


Beyond her sword, shield and armour (all in a traditional Khajiiti style), S'Zulana also has a pouch full of alchemy ingredients and two small bottles of magicka essences that create a strong analgesic potion with anti-inflammatory effects. Due to this potion's tendency to spoil quickly, it has to be mixed as needed.


S'Zulana is equal parts annoying and endearing. Her humour is often at the expense of another crew member, but she is also helpful and usually optomistic, if impatient. She enjoys adventure greatly, even sailing - unlike most khajiit.


Nimble, quick, skilled with swords.

Major FlawsEdit

Impetuous and impatient.


S'Zulana was born in Cyrodiil. Her parents were an alchemist and a lumberjack. Even before the Eight Years War broke out, S'Zulana became a soldier to protect her home, and this was where she met Auresha. The two were assigned to the same unit. In the later stages of the war, where the Legion fell apart, she stuck with the Altmer mage and the two turned to mercenary work, S'Zulana's blade and Auresha's sparks protecting travellers for a price, up until they arrived at the Imperial City a month before Spiros set sail for Firsthold.

Recent OccupationEdit

Imperial soldier, then mercenary.

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