Philemon Ottavio Colisande is the Breton Count of Menevia. He is in his late fifties, and quite heavy set.  He has dark brown eyes and short grey hair.


He has a passion for collecting exotic birds and his office is filled with bird cages. He spends most of his time indoors, working or studying his birds. He rarely leaves Menevia City unless it is of the utmost importance. He rules County Menevia along with his wife Gelasia. They have six children together.

During 'Of Princes and Power'Edit

Philemon is very fond of card games and gambling, although he rarely wins. A few weeks before the Festival of Peace he took part in a game of King’s Hand after a very wet evening, and ended up losing the better part of the Colisande fortune to Dyrion Mannis, a wealthy Nobleman working for the Tault Family. Not wishing to give up most of their belongings, Philemon and Gelasia hired the assassin Vaorelos Saronado to kill Mannis, leaving no trace of their involvement.

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