Marguerite Aguile (née Colisande) is the Viscountess Gallomont, the wife of Viscount Conrad Aguile and mother to his children.

Marguerite Aguile


Viscountess Gallomont







Family Philemon Colisande (Brother)

Lirielle Colisande (Sister)

Conrad Aguile (Husband)

Six children


Widely considered rather plain and homely even in her youth, age and six children have been none to kind to her. She is short and broad shoulder, a little heavy and too often scowling. She has, at least, the sharp dark eyes and long brown hair of her sister.


With little better to do, Marguerite has devoted a great deal of time to managing her household, and enjoys spending many hours managing the family accounts and barking orders to servants. She enjoys hobbies that put her in the company of anyone she is not married to, and so is a dab hand at society events and indoor activities.


Marguerite's marriage was arranged by her parents and Conrad's grandfather, who at the time had reason to hope her brother Philemon was not long for Nirn. She was initially grateful for a good match, but now mostly resents her husband who makes little effort to disguise how well he would have preferred her prettier sister, Lirielle. Since their marriage in 4E 18 she has lived in the manor at Gallomont, and produced six children, most of whom she is greatly fond of.

Character Summary:Edit

The long-suffering wife of Wayrest's famous knight. While he is off adventuring and resenting her, she is at home, holding the manor and resenting him.

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