Count Maniel Irywen of Darguard is a 32-year-old Breton male.


Short brown hair frames the count's lean face. His brown eyes are almond-shaped and tilted slightly inwards.  Like most Bretons, Maniel has a short stature, the top of his head only just reaching his wife's shoulders.


Maniel is a good-humored and friendly man. He may seem slow, but that is merely because he likes to think things through before responding. He is also very organized and a perfectionist.  Maniel has a legitimate interest in the state and people of Darguard, and has been known to mingle with the common folk (in disguise) to see how they feel about their lives in his county. A powerful loyalty and some obedience was burned into his mind by Nidali, and he finds himself easily overlooking her many flaws. Being the only one she trusts completely, he sees past her masks and sees quite a lot of potential, if some of the more malicious aspects of her would be removed. While not forced by Nidali's tampering, Maniel grew to love with his wife, and she might admit that she has become somewhat fond of him.


Maniel Irywen was born to Count Werlan Irywen and Countess Aria Irywen, not too long before the Oblivion Crisis and subsequent collapse of the Cyrodiilic Empire. The second eldest of four children, Maniel's elder brother Firion committed suicide at the age of seventeen, leaving Maniel (aged only fourteen) as the heir to their father's titles. When Maniel's father died, the role of Count of Darguard passed to him. Lady Aria Irywen currently lives on a small estate in Darguard.

House IrywenEdit

House Irywen's seat is Blackhall, named so for the dark-grey (almost black) stone that makes up the imposing walls, in northern Darguard. Having started as a merchant family, and eventually made their way into the ranks of nobility with the marriage of Werlan Irywen to Lady Aria Mirrin, their sigil is a blazing gold torch on a black blackground, symbolizing progress; the trade of coal and gold that had first built their success. Following the tragic death of his brother Firion (suicide), Maniel Irywen holds the title of Count of Darguard, and is the sole male heir of Blackhall and the Irywen estates.


-his widow, LADY ARIA MIRRIN, aged 57

-Their children;




 -ELSA IRYWEN, a young woman of 26

-MARIA IRYWEN, known as MARY, a young woman of 23


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