Louis collymoremore
Louis Collymore


Bachelor of Arts at University of Wayrest, Brother of the Thaumaturgical Society for the Furthering of the Arcane Arts







The son of one of the the most eminent Wayrestian politicians of his age, Louis Collymore is a practicing mage and Brother of The Society. Despite his father's standing at the very top of the royal court (serving as Queen Elysana's  Chancellor for the entirety of her reign!), master Collymore receives a no allowance - the only benefit Louis receives from his parentage being the free lease of an expansive loft condominium in a fashionable quarter of the city. To way his way through The Society's rather expensive course, he writes various tracts for the University of Wayrest press and has sometimes been employed by the state in minor clerical roles.

Louis' life is transformed when he is selected by The Society to be the "handler" for the legendary Altmeri Mirror Logician Villisyne, whom they have finally lured to Wayrest in join their order.

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