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Kaia Marsia Aphenike Dyraxes Bei-Cinia
(less formally, Kaia Aphenike Dyraxes) was a Nibenese student in Class Three-Bedt of the Imperial Battlemage Academia. Infamously temperamental, much of her youth before admission to the Academy was spent picking fights and variously getting beaten up and beating others up in her home slums of Bravil; nonetheless, she remained her father's best and only hope for dragging their flagging (but still allegedly noble) family out of debt, and back into prominence as a magocrat bloodline.
Kaia Aphenike Dyraxes

Date of Birth

5th Hearthfire, 3E372 (aged 16)


The Lady




Nibenese Imperial



Academic Record Edit

As forwarded by the Steward of the Guild of Mages of Bravil, with references from local Guild tutors.

“Please find enclosed the complete transcript for one Apprentice Kaia Marsia Aphenike Dyraxes Bei-Cinia.

In summary: student displays a particular aptitude for the most wilful schools of magic, having achieved Ayem in Destruction, Bedt in Restoration and Bedt- in Alteration during her Arcturian Aptitude Assessment. Lacklustre performance in the more academic schools; little inclination towards research, abysmally unmotivated regarding submission of written work. Failed her final trial in Mysticism with no option for a resit. Recommended for Academy training in light of natural talent in both the arts of war and warmagic.

[the full transcript of the candidate's Guild studies follows]

Attached also is the recommendation by the candidate's long-standing private instructor for swordsmanship. The applicant has been trained in the Rimmen Dueling Style and excels at bladed weapons and especially hand-to-hand combat.

Physical Report Edit

Rare example of a physically fit Guild recruit – congratulate His Grace the High Lectern Lariat on our behalf. 5'7 in height, wiry build. Black shoulder-length hair, brown eyes. Dark green warding and family tattoos in the traditional full-body style that confirms candidate's battlemage lineage. Notable scarring along the right corner of the lips, and on the back and left leg (claw marks).

Biographical Notes Edit

Lone daughter and heir to Marsius Ioannos Dyraxes Bei-Cinius. Parents divorced in 3E378 (applicant was aged six at the time), father never remarried. Her father's only notable achievements to date are his impressive debts to various merchant cartels and banking clans in Bravil; despite his battlemage descent, Marsius himself showed no aptitude for magic and never entered into Legion service. Grew up in family mansion on the north bank of the Larsius River, in the suburbs of the City of Bravil. Entered into Guild apprenticeship in 3E382 (aged ten) when magical talent first became apparent; began private training in combat soon afterwards. Earmarked for the Arcturian Aptitude Assessment and subsequent commendation to the Academy at the age of fourteen. Undertook the trial on fifteenth birthday and was recommended by the Guild with disconcerting haste soon afterwards.

Additional Comments Edit

Numerous disciplinary infractions during apprenticeship with the Bravil Guild, totalling twenty-three counts of detention (and several incidents external to the Guild), mostly related to violent conduct. Overlooked in light of candidate's lineage and natural talent for warmagic, however close observation is recommended.

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