Gelasia Colisande is a Breton woman in her fifties. She has grown a bit heavy in her older years, a common feature for the nobility. Her face is marked with wrinkles, and her once blonde hair is now a dull grey. She has light blue eyes, and a small beauty mark under her right eye.


She married into the Colisande family, originally hailing from a respectable farm on the outskirts of Gauvadon. She was the youngest child, with four older brothers and sisters. She grew up working the land along with the other farm staff, something she saw as being below her. She quickly captured the heart of Philemon Colisande and married him, leaving the farm and turning her back on her family.

She spends her free time riding one of her many horses. Gelasia is well known for her impressive collection of stallions and mares of exquisite pedigree. She shares the responsibility of looking after Menevia affairs with her husband. Despite being a mother, Gelasia had little patience for children. She hired several nannies and a Governess to raise her children to her liking.

During her time as the Countess of Menevia she mothered six children, three boys and three girls. The five oldest have been married off to various connections in High Rock while Odette, the youngest, is currently missing.

During 'Of Princes and Power'Edit

It is troublesome times in County Menevia, and to help ease her nerves she has taken to sampling the mansion’s supply of reds and whites. Gelasia has been known to lose her temper from time to time, taking out her anger on whoever is unfortunate enough to be around.

Odette running away hit the Countess hard. She saw Noel’s involvement and refusal to continue working for the Colisandes as a grave insult. She now works on a plan to gain revenge on Noel while also gaining sympathy with the nobles of Wayrest.

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