Emmer Hawksly




17 (born 4E 11)




Breton (Camlornese)



A man with little to set him apart from many others of his ilk save, perhaps, his age, and certainly his romantic escapades, Sir Emmer Hawksly is a Cammish freerider - and Princess Maria Valtieri's paramour. Young for the mantle he wears, it was his father's failing health that forced Emmer to ride for his village (little more than a rude collection of steadings out Kambria way) so early; and so, a boy made for the capital - his head full of romantic ideals ("A king for every hill!") and nostalgic longing for the old, unwarped Iliac he can never know; his heart fit to burst with love and excitement.

Wiry and not at all tall, and wrapped usually in his patchwork overcoat and something warm, practical and hand-me-down, it'd be hard to confuse Emmer for anything but exactly what he is - a shaggy freerider come straight from the hills of old Camlorn. There is nothing outwardly exciting or exotic about him, and like the rest of his family, he is all blue eyes and coarse brown hair (their nigh-untameable volume most likely inherited from his mother).

Though he doesn't often talk about them, Emmer has four younger siblings - a sister and three brothers. His silence on the matter should be telling enough; though he loves them dearly, and helps provide for them as best he can, the constant chaos of home is a grating memory, and might help explain why he seems to keep away from loud, boisterous company here in the city.

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