Eleanor Septim copy
Eleanor Septim


Duchess of Alcaire


The Kingdom of Wayrest





Maiden name

Eleanor Renn



Geruld Septim (deceased)


Thibault Septim, Lorraine Septim








Large, pale green-grey eyes, high cheekbones and mild features. Her skin is like that of a porcelain doll, and her long, light blonde hair falls in beautiful curls. Her hair is usually styled so that her curls can flow freely down her body. She has the typical body of a woman that has delivered children, with curvy hips and ample breasts. However she dresses modestly both out of personal taste and to be a good role model for her daughter.


During her upbringing Eleanor was taught many skills. She favored the harpsichord, of which she owns several, singing and dancing, though she has found herself lacking in dancing partners lately. She also enjoys reading, tea (she imports various kinds as well as make her own), plays, music and other theatric performances, and flower arrangement.


Eleanor Renn was raised to be a well educated Lady, versed in all the arts the young woman could think of and then some. Well groomed and well dressed, she had many suitors offering their hand in marriage. As fate would have it she found love at the altar with Geruld Septim at her side, two months after her seventeenth birthday. She mothered two beautiful children, the twins Thibault and Lorraine.

She lived with her husband and children on Hjalti island, in the magnificent castle built by Elysana Septim. Life on the island has been peaceful and quiet, which suited Eleanor fine. Between her striving to raise her children into intelligent and bright adults and her dedication to fine arts a noisy environment would only be in the way.

Now that her children were gaining more independence and spent time out on the island without her she found herself with more time to herself. She sometimes had friends visiting from the coast of Menevia, but she spends most of the time alone with her hobbies.

She is a kindhearted woman that has little interest in politics, leaving that in her husband’s capable hands. Although there is by no means a casual atmosphere in the castle, Eleanor has no issue with addressing the servants and having conversations with them.

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