Edward Tault is, at 25, the second youngest child of Eckhart Tault. Though he is officially the manager of one of the various branches of the Tault bank, he is a notorious slacker and screw-up. He cares little for fixing that reputation, because he cares little for the family business ... obviously, this has not endeared him to the other members of his family.

Physical AppearanceEdit



When it comes to Edward Tault, it's easier to focus on the talents he doesn't have, rather than those he does. His family tends to focus on his lack of business acumen, on how the branch of the Tault bank he manages is consistently under-performing, and how he has considered little to the business outside of ill-advised and ultimately failed business ventures. The ruffians he associates with focus on his lack of luck at gambling tables and races, and the owners of the taverns he frequents notice his tendency to avoid paying his tab.

However, Edward is a snarky individual who sometimes manages to be funny, and is loyal to those whom he calls friends (even if he tends to call the wrong people that). He's also a talented lutist and singer and occasionally moonlights as a bard in some of Wayrest's less busy taverns. Further, he is in good physical shape and is quite speedy - in one of his few successful endeavors as an entrepreneur, he made a good sideline in races as a teen.



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