Ceres is the daughter of Owain Guile, and the wife of Lord Peryn Voclain. Her proper first name is Cérelise, but she prefers the less matronly adaption 'Ceres.'

Cérelise deBelle Guile Voclain


Lady Voclain








Although she is still a child, Ceres has begun showing the signature fox-like features of the Guile family. Her sharp, predator-like eyes rest beneath long lashes. Her long black hair curls at the ends. Her body is still thin and lacking in feminine curves. She is of an average height for a child her age.

She still wears the knee length dresses and skirts appropriate for young girls as she finds them much easier to dance in. However if she has to attend very formal gatherings she will reluctantly wear the full length dresses of a noble woman.


Ceres is a smart young girl, absorbing new information like a sponge. She has little interest in participating in politics, focusing instead on the cultural aspects of life. The Voclain family owns one of the major theatres in Wayrest City where Ceres often has a hand in planning the season’s performances.

In private Ceres enjoys doing ballet and writing her own plays and poetry. She has the most prominent ballet teacher educating her, and she often practices on her own in the evenings.


Ceres is the younger of the two Guile children. At age 5 she was married to Lord Peryn Voclain, a wealthy noble owning several establishments both in Wayrest City and out in the countryside.

Ceres spent her life as the Madame of Voclain Manor socializing with the other noble women of Wayrest, rarely seeing kids around her own age. Now that she is a married woman it is to be expected of her to partake in the grown up society. Ceres dislikes the noblewomen as they are all boring and tedious. If it were up to her she would rather be alone with her ballet shoes in the grand hall, or riding her pony out in the countryside.

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