Catherine Ludovic, the wife of Wilfred Ludovic  is a servant of the Colisande Household. She has three children who also serve. 

Catherine Ludovic


Lady of Privy Chamber







Appearance Edit

Short. Red-hair with flecks of white. An oval shaped face, large eyes with crow’s feet, button nose and small lips with a slight upward tilt, giving her a look of perpetual happiness.


Being no noblewoman herself, Catherine dresses plainly – something that won’t make her stand out, whether it be extravagant or so drab it’ll draw criticism – and blends into the background. 


Obedient and humble – but she isn’t afraid to speak her mind and criticise, however she remains respectful while doing so. Some would look upon her and may accuse she is blind or has no backbone. However that may be true, Catherine simply possesses a gentle soul – a servant-minded and servant-hearted woman. Nurturing, quick to forgive if a wrong is done to her. While some may see that she is driven by a soft-heart and her emotions, she is rather driven by her values.  

History Edit

Not much is known of Catherine before she married Wilfred other than she was the oldest daughter of a farmer with two younger siblings. She works diligently, and has been serving the family for most of her adult life and will continue to do so, no matter what.  She gave birth to two healthy children, Evangeline and Paul one year after the other – but her third was not so lucky. During her pregnancy with Gilroy, her youngest child, Catherine was struck with an illness – and it would remain until well after she gave birth. Bed-ridden and breaking out into fever, the family feared for her safety – and the unborn child. Catherine only wished that her child survive.  However, with the employ and aid of physicians and midwives, Catherine was able to give birth to her son. But only just. A process that almost claimed both of their lives; with a mother already weak from sickness, and a sickness that passed to her child from within the womb, the family remained anxious. Fearful for her newborn’s life, yet joyful and thankful of life in her arms.  Catherine and Wilfred gave their youngest greater attention – not because they loved him more, but because he needed it, as he was (and is) a sickly child. 

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