Lady Amara Fisk (née Murdock) is the mother to Lord-Protector Sholto Fisk. A University of Wayrest alumna, she is a physician living in a mansion outside of Tunwick. 

Amara Fisk




Breton (Menevian)



Alma Mater

University of Wayrest


Lady Amara; Doctor


Sholto, Davon, Elizabeth (children)


Slender, slight and poised. Her once-brown hair is greying. She has grey, tired-looking eyes and a perpetual smile. Amara carries with her a 'motherly' air, always coming to protect (sometimes to the point of coddling or badgering) those around her. 


Pleasant, amiable and sophisticated, she enjoys the peaceful and quiet life. A motherly and gentle woman, many look on her as soft-spoken yet refined – the image of a noblewoman. An intellectual, scientific-minded she is a moralist, physician-philosopher and medical scholar. She has taken an interest in the psyche and psychological aspects of man, its development, and the anatomy, physiology and phrenology of the central nervous system. Her research papers for the University of Wayrest tend to have a philosophical tilt. 


Born to the Baronet of Kirkwood Field as the youngest child, Amara had less responsibilities weigh upon her shoulders. But Amara was not one to spend her time wasting it with mindless fun, making use of her tutoring by studying beyond what she was taught. A University of Wayrest alumna, she received her Bachelor of Arts at 20, and her Bachelor of Medicine at 26. During this time away from home, she was informed she was betrothed to Aldwyn Fisk, and were set to marry upon her graduation. Within the year, she bore her firstborn son, Sholto, bearing two children thereafter.

Currently, she resides in Autumnhall Mansion, located outside of Tunwick. As a skilled healer and physician, the townspeople often employ her services - and she is certainly the most experienced physician in that vicinity, anyway. Amara makes frequent travels around Menevia, often coming to the City. 


A skilled healer and surgeon, she has devoted her study to the cerebral functions and structures – something that would prove beneficial to those in Tunwick that sustained heavy head injuries, or fell to a neurological disease. From natural talent, experience, and her countless studies she is able to understand the psyche of the mind, of the motivations behind people. This understanding allowed her form a trusting bond with her patients – a relationship beneficial between a physician and her patient.  

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